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What exactly is the Storymoja Festival?

It is a five day international celebration of ideas, stories, writing and culture through books, live discussions, storytelling, skits, poetry, music, demonstrations, workshops, open mikes, debates, exhibitions, live performance, art and competitions.

In the past, the Storymoja Festival has been described as ‘the biggest book party’ in East Africa, and as a ‘celebration of books, stories and culture’.  Storymoja Festival has fast gained reputation for being a vibrant gathering of the greatest minds in Kenya and beyond.

When is the festival?

The Festival is held every year in September. This year, it falls on September 27th to 1st October 2017.

How much does it cost to get into the festival?

Children's Tickets cost KES 1000. Children's Weekend Tickets cost KES 500. To get subsidised / early bird / group / school tickets please contact wangari@storymojaafrica.co.ke.


Weekend Day Pass costs KES 1000/- and allows you access to all general schedule events for a day.

A Season Pass Costs KES 2000/- and allows you access to all general schedule events for all days.

A Masterclass costs KES 500/

Premium events which are generally scheduled in the evening have varying costs between KES 300/- (Concerts) and KES 10,000/- (Gala Events). Some Theatre Events cost KES 1000/- and others KES 2000/-

What kind of events can I expect at the festival?

General Schedule events feature storytelling, book signings, film screenings, live discussion forums, workshops, debates, live performances, competitions, daily mchongoano contests and music.

Evening Events feature music concerts, poetry & spoken word showcases, theatre performances and film screenings.

The Schools Programme caters for school age children (6 – 18 years old) with age-appropriate storytelling, meet-the-authors, film screenings, science experiments, art & craft sessions, puppetry and theatre shows, daily mchongoano contests as well as the Guinness World Record in Reading Aloud Warm Up events.

The Storyhippo Village caters for families and children, as well as teens with programs and interactions that will be remembered for years to come.

Who attends the Storymoja Festival?

People from all walks of life who love reading, creating and experiencing art, music and literature, thinkers concerned about society, technology, public policies, education, family and Africa!

Children, teens and families have a wide array of age-appropriate fun and learning adventures that they can jump right into and enjoy!

How many events can I attend in a day?

Schools Programme – The Schools Programme has 5 Time Slots spread out in 9 Venues every day. That means that although there are 45 events per day from which to choose from, children in the programme can attend a maximum of 5 events per day.

Masterclasses – The Masterclass Programme has 1 Time Slot spread over 9 events. Between Wednesday 27th and Friday 29th, creatives have a selection from 9 Masterclasses. However, they can only attend one per day and a total of three over the entire program.

General Schedule (Saturday & Sunday) – There 35 events scheduled for the Saturday General Events Schedule and 33 for Sunday.

Family Events – There are 8 family fun events scheduled for Saturday and 9 family fun events for Sunday.

What is a Masterclass?

A Storymoja Festival Masterclass is an interactive 3 hour session led by an author or creative. The session draws from the Session Leader’s experience to encourage and inspire creatives with practical tips, exercises and workshopping activities.

It is different from a lecture because of the nature of intense interactions between the session leader and participants. It is different from a Workshop in that the focus is on interaction and group discussion than on individual creativity.

How much does a Masterclass cost?

A Masterclass costs KES 500/-

If I pay for a season pass / day ticket, why am I paying for the Masterclass?

The day ticket/ season pass covers for general schedule events.

Masterclasses are value added interaction intensive sessions that allow creatives the opportunity not only to learn from but also get to know Kenyan and International creatives, receive personalized advice and on appropriate occasions receive a helping hand up with their careers. Many of the session leaders are editors, publishers and project coordinators in their varying fields.

To facilitate such intensive and useful sessions, additional logistics are needed and therefore the extra but friendly charge of KES 500/-

Who is a Festival Artist?

A Festival Artist is an author, writer, poet, musician, performer, illustrator, speaker, panelist who enters a formal agreement to run or assist in running a festival session such as a Masterclass or Live Discussion Panel.

Can I be a Festival Artist?

Yes! However, the festival programme begins to be developed very early in the year, therefore a session proposal needs to be sent in at least 4 -6 months in advance for consideration. The festival administration reserves the right to accept, reject or defer (to another year) session proposals.

Who is a Festival Intern?

Festival volunteers are young professionals who give of their time, energy and skills to help make the festival a reality. Festival interns are trained in festival procedure, event management skills and other skills in the run up to the festival. They are selected 6 months before the festival. To apply lookout for for the festival intern call out.

Can I be a Festival Intern?

Yes! If you are 18 – 30 years old, a resident of Nairobi, with time to volunteer during the 5 days of the festival, and are able and willing to attend the pre-festival training sessions, you can apply to participate as a festival intern. The festival reserves the right to accept, reject or defer your application.

Where Can I get Books by Festival Authors?


Can I get Books Autographed?

Yes! Arrangements have been made for the authors to sign their books after each of their events and at pre-scheduled times at the Festival Bookshop run by Magunga Books. Announcements will be made clearly whenever a book signing is scheduled.

I am a member of the Media. How Can I get more information, media passes, etc?

Contact the Media Team juliet@storymojaafrica.co.ke or on Twitter @StorymojaFest

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